Ahhh… the Holiday season is upon us… By now, we’ve probably stuffed ourselves with turkey and are now in the throws of a time period where we’ll wake up January 2nd having gained 10lbs and not remember anything since the night before Thanksgiving. Can anyone relate to this?


This is something known as the Business Holiday Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Syndrome (BHCMPS) or more commonly known as CRAP!  (Can’t Remember Anything Period)  During this period, we drift off into a deep sleep.  There are several causes for this syndrome:

  1. Some don’t WANT to remember the past year.
  2. Some can’t WAIT to forget the past year.
  3. Some are busy spending time with family and friends.
  4. Some have decided if business or life hasn’t happened by now it’s not going to happen, so we’ll just stick our heads into the ground.
  5. Some are busy buying presents and drinking lots of eggnog… or some other drink of choice.
  6. Or… all of the above…

Regardless of the reason, it’s like carbon monoxide in that it is colorless, odorless, tasteless and hard to detect (especially when drinking  🙂  ) Anyway, we’re lulled into a deep sleep and before we know it… 6 weeks have passed us by!  Then we scurry around because it’s the New Year and we didn’t spend any time looking introspectively at last year.  No K.W.I.N.K. (Knowing What I Now Know, what would I do differently…) analysis was done.  NOR did we do any real planning for the new year.

How can we avoid this “CRAP” and start looking ahead?  How can we stay focused, yet still enjoy family and friends and the spirit of the holiday season?  The prescription for this is KISS. “KEEP-IT-STUPID-SIMPLE”… yes, I said that right… KISS doesn’t stand for “keep it simple, stupid”.  We’re not stupid!  We just like to complicate things.  It’s time to “stupify” (Definition = the act of making something Stupid Simple). By the way, I like to make up words.  I’m still working on my own dictionary.

Think about “stupifying” your strategy.  Imagine that you are lost out in our beautiful Colorado backyard wilderness and you have nothing other than the clothes on your back.  Your job is to survive.  You would naturally scheme to find water, food, and shelter.  Those are your top priorities.  You would focus whole-heartedly on the MOST important activities for your survival.


Now, plant that picture into your business or life.  But, you don’t REALLY want just mere survival.  You want “THRIVAL” (another word for my dictionary. Definition = Rhymes with survival, but still means thrive).  What are those BASIC elements in your business that are synonymous with water, food and shelter?  Those are your goals! Whether it be 3 things or 10 things, the key is to keep it SIMPLE and BASIC.  Now, I can hear you already (insert whiny voice)… “but Shane, my life is not simple and basic!”  Yes!  You are right!  Because WE LIKE TO COMPLICATE THINGS!  Trust me here.  Pick on the items that are YOUR ‘water’, ‘food’, and ‘shelter’… and then work hard DAILY at those things. That’s it!  It’s better to do a few things really well than a lot of things really poorly.  Simplify your thinking… better yet… Stupify it!  You might actually find yourself thriving instead of just surviving.  KISS on!!!
Now wake up sleepy head and rid yourself of CRAP…get ready to welcome a fantastic new year AND new you!

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