It’s the 4th quarter… where games are won or lost.  It’s time to dig down and find it in you to pull out a win.  It’s where people discover what they’re made of.  It’s time to put the rally cap on.  It’s whatever you wanna call it when time is running out.  We just came out of the Dog Days of Summer and rather than slowly getting back into things, I say jump in with both feet and act like you don’t have much time left.


Remember when it was snowing out and we were all watching the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve show (maybe I’m dating myself here…) with all the New Year stuff?  Some of us put pen to paper and came up with what we were going to have accomplished by year’s end.  Some of us pondered and put into perspective how this year was going to be different.  Others just celebrated that 2015 was over.  In any case, it’s time to dust off and re-focus, re-calibrate, and get going.  Time is of the essence!  How do you do it?  Good question.  Try these methods on for size.


  1.  Pick one of your goals that mean the most to you and focus whole-heartedly on that goal.  Many times it has a snowball effect on your other goals.
  2.  Practice the ABCDE method.  “A” items are ones that have to be done.  “B” items should be done, and “C” items, would be nice to have done.  “D” items are ones that need delegating and “E”   items need eliminated!  Many times, deciding what needs delegated or eliminated is just the silver bullet needed.
  3.  Or if all else fails, when was the last time you just pulled up your boot straps and practiced the “get-r-done” mentality?  That good old-fashioned moxie and fight in us that just doesn’t take no for an answer.  Sometimes there’s just no substitute for blood, sweat, and tears to finish a race you’ve started.  It may not be pretty, but then again success means doing things that others aren’t willing to do… that’s why not everyone is successful.

Whatever your weapon of choice, the point is that now is a great time to engage and finish what we’ve started.  It’s back to school for kids, change of season, cooler nights, time for a good football game and a GREAT 4th quarter that comes along with it!  Good luck!

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